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Pasco Towing Privacy Policy

In order to safeguard the personal & private information of our customers Pasco Towing has set forth the following policy & procedures.


1. Customer information will not be released by telephone without confirmation of identifying information found through the Department of Licensing & in direct relation to the vehicle in question.


2. Customers must provide state issued identification in order to view the vehicle, retrieve personal belongings, or receive details of the events surrounding the service request or the billing amounts.


3. Pasco Towing does not retain any payment instrument details such as credit card numbers or account numbers and any such information used to process payment is single use and that information is shredded immediately after processing. Additionally no such numbers shall be written on the customer invoice original or copy to protect the customer from fraud.


4. Vehicles may only be released to the registered or legal owner of the vehicle or their authorized agent by providing State Issued Identification and signing the associated release form. Any information regarding the vehicles condition or the billing details shall require the same identifying documentation. Pasco Towing retains the signed release form and a copy of the State Issued Identification in the vehicles towing/impound file.


5. All vehicle files ( both hard copy and computer files are kept secure in a locked office out of the general public access. ) Computer generated files are password protected and are accessible only to authorized employees.



6.Payment information, account numbers and personal customer details are not shared with unauthorized individual or companies.


7. Customer data/information is never shared, sold, or utilized in any advertising or marketing activities.


8. Confidentiality agreements and the employee’s responsibility in the maintenance of such is discussed and employees trained in our employee orientation/ on-boarding and as deemed necessary. A copy of this policy is on site and given to each employee at the time of hire & orientation.


9. Employees will sign the policy and procedure document indicating that they have received a copy of the policy & agree to abide by the policy and procedure contained herein.

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